Monthly Learning Song List


April Greetings
April Baby Shark
April Introducing my family
April Family song
April(応用) Opposite
May May I ~? Song
May Days of the week
May Months of the Year Song
May Seasons
May(応用) Months of the Year Song
June What time is it?
June What are you doing?
June Do you like ○○?①
June Do you like ○○?②
June(特別) Paprikaの振付Song
July Baby Shark Colorなどの短編動画ミックス
July Shape Song
July Color/Color Mixing Song
July(世界の教養編①) Do Re Mi Song (a)
July(世界の教養編①) Do Re Mi Song (b)
August ①Show &Tell Favorite toys(アメリカの子供たち編)
August ②Show &Tell Siblings(アメリカの子供たち編)
August ③Show&Tell(Mr.K先生お手本動画)
August School Supplies
August ①Tomorrow from Annie
August ②Tomorrow from Annie 口の動きを学ぶ編
September Body Parts
September if your happy and you know it clap your hands song
October Transportation songs
October きかんしゃトーマスのテーマソング
October Thomas and his Friends(一つ上の英語Ver.)
October いちばんたいせつなのはともだち(きかんしゃトーマス)
October The Most Important Thing Is Being Friends(一つ上の英語Ver.)
November Vegetable & Fruits
November Fruits Guessing Game
November Vegetable Quiz
November Climb Every Mountain
December What is the name of Baby Animals?
December Sea Animals
December Animal Sounds
December Bugs/Insects
December Parts of a Plant(応用)
January Countries of the world
January Food Trip around the World
January Hellow around the World

1 Hello Song
2 Make a Circle Song
3 Head, Shoulders….Song
4 ABC Chant
5 Emotion Song
6 Tooty-ta Song
7 May I ~? Song
8 Number Song
9 Up Down Song
10 Shape Song
11 Simon Says
12 Jingle Bells
13 Paprika
14 Days of the week